William L Hunnicutt

William L. Hunnicutt

After stints of military service, cross-country trucking and graduate studies in philosophy, Bill Hunnicutt found himself practicing divorce law in 1977. He has no plans to stop. In recent years, he has divided his practice approximately equally between advocacy for a client and third-party neutral service as a divorce mediator, arbitrator and court-appointed special master. With the exception of a brief foray into securities fraud and accountant malpractice litigation in the mid-1980s, he has devoted his entire legal career exclusively to assisting in the difficult and complex process of divorce. – Read More

Lily D. Appelman

Lily Appelman joined Bill Hunnicutt at the regional law firm of Sherman & Howard upon her graduation from law school. Their close professional partnership continued with their own firm in 1992. They have learned much from each other not only about divorce practice, but also about the challenge of major life transitions. – Read More

Lilly D Appelman Bio

Erica R Kemmerley

Erica R Kemmerley

Erica Kemmerley joined Bill Hunnicutt and Lily Appelman in 1999, having already distinguished herself in her first 11 years of divorce practice as extraordinarily skilled and perceptive regarding child-related divorce issues. Upon her arrival to the firm, she rapidly augmented that expertise by assisting with complex financial issues. – Read More

Kristi Anderson Wells

Kristi Anderson Wells brings many years of experience in the areas of taxation, benefits and executive compensation to the practice of family law. Her practice exists at the intersection of these areas of law, focusing on complex financial issues such as the division of executive compensation, retirement assets, and stock rights in divorce. – Read More

Rachelle L Morales

Rachelle L Morales

Rachelle Morales came to Hunnicutt & Appelman with Erica Kemmerley, whom she had assisted since 1990. In addition to her 20 years of experience, she innately understands the demands of organization, scheduling and planning which equates to successful case management. Sometimes even more important in family law, she understands the importance of being patient, a judicious sympathetic listener, and a comfort to our clients who are experiencing personal turmoil. She is a Colorado native, a devoted mother and a rescue dog lover.

Carmelle Beveridge

Carmelle Beveridge joined Hunnicutt & Appelman in 2016, with almost 30 years of family law experience. Carmie’s extensive legal abilities include a thorough and detailed approach to case management, excellent writing and drafting skills, and sensitivity and thoughtfulness to client needs. Carmie received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nebraska-Kearney and her paralegal certification from the Denver Paralegal Institute.  In her free time, she’ll travel at the first possible opportunity whether it’s to Husker football game in the fall or to some far corner of the world.

Ashley Adabahr

Ashley Adabahr has a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston.  As an undergraduate she focused her studies on the application of psychological principals in the workplace.  Prior to becoming a paralegal, Ashley was an operations manager for an online retail company.  In that role she found that she thrives in chaotic environments that require creative problem-solving.  As a paralegal, Ashley’s background in psychology and her ability to manage high-stress situations are great assets when assisting clients through divorce.  In her spare time, Ashley cavorts with her two dogs, and attends concerts across the country with her husband, Kyle.