Hunnicutt & Appelman

Hunnicutt & Appelman provides discreet family law services to substantial net worth and often high profile clients.   Divorce is a profound and difficult life transition, often intertwined with issues outside the legal context.   We counsel our clients not only with legal knowledge and experience, but also with compassionate insight into the entirety of their circumstances.

Our attorneys bring more than 85 years of combined experience to analysis of issues, settlement negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, collaborations and, if necessary, resolution by trial. Our two paralegal assistants add more than 45 years of experience. We continue to teach and learn from each other after all these years. Our practice is embedded in our core values:


The attorney-client relationship is and must always remain highly confidential. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ privacy and to providing our honest and thoughtful assessments of each client’s needs based on their unique circumstances and our knowledge of the law and practical experience.


Our reputation in the legal, financial and mental health communities has been built on our successful representation of clients with complex financial issues, including valuation and allocation of assets and income from virtually every industry, beneficial interests in trusts, and challenging child-related issues which cannot be addressed merely by money.

Problem Solving

We focus on innovative and creative settlement alternatives uniquely tailored to each client’s needs. When all reasonable attempts to settle issues by agreement have been exhausted, we do not shy away from professional presentations in the courtroom.


Divorce is always an upsetting and unsettling life experience. We are dedicated to doing whatever we can as soon as we can and effectively as we can, to address our clients’ needs as they process that experience to get to a new and happier life.